AND data import is gestart

6 september 2007 door Stefan de Konink

Gisterenmiddag is de AND data import gestart door Martijn.

Zie de aankondiging op talk-nl:

Just a quick note to everyone that the AND import is running and is expected to take about 10 days at current speed. If people could refrain from editing objects in the area (The Netherlands) that would be appreciated. We’ve gone to special effort to not create things beyond the borders.

Because of the delay, over the next week Netherlands is going to look rather empty if you render it, so people, please don’t do any rerender requests in the area for the time being if you can manage it.

In fact, just be patient. There’s going to be nothing much to see until the last day or two. But when it’s there it’s going to look great. It is taking longer than we hoped but the server is busy these days 🙂

Update vrijdag 7 september:

 08:51 < kleptog> AND: 16.74%  ETA:172:06:01

De oude Nederlandse data is gewist, en de AND nodes stromen binnen. Volg hier de status:
progress bar

Update maandag 10 september: AND at 43%

Essentially all nodes are now uploaded and the uploader is busy building the segments. Since segments take up less space in the file the time remaining is not going to go down for a while. Also, the API stops working at times, which doesn’t help. However, the percentage keeps moving and is essentially accurate.

It should really be done by the end of the week, or maybe not.

Update vrijdag 14 september: AND at 59%

Bij 68% zullen vrijwel alle segmenten in zijn en begint ie de ways te maken. Daarna zal het waarschijnlijk hard gaan. Op ‘t ogenblik verwacht ik ergens maandag, maar ik zal het niet zeker weten tot dat de ways beginnen. Misschien is ways maken veel langzamer…


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