Nederland van Boven

9 december 2011 door Stefan de Konink

Terwijl we “vol verwachting klopt ons hart” nogsteeds wachten op GeoPiet met het Nationale Wegen Bestand, is de VPRO aardig aan de weg aan het timmeren met Nederland van Boven. De volgende bloemlezing is geschreven door Nathaniel Kelso die het leeuwendeel van de onwikkeling van kaart online heeft gedaan.

Making of the Jouw Nederland van Boven Cartography

The maps you interact with are special, made expressly by Stamen for VPRO. City labels, roads, and water bodies layer above the bright oranges that show where the action is. This reference cartography provides context in a “map sandwich” with over 30 data layers grouped into 10 episodes. Read about the particulars of each layer using the (i) icons next to each data slider. The map starts with the Netherlands all in one screen with just the large cities visible and labels for the 12 provinces. As the user zooms in, more cities fill in based on a custom compilation by Stamen using and sources. Roads become visible and are drawn using data sourced from OpenStreetMap, a wiki for maps. On the most detailed zoom all roads are drawn and the arterial streets receive names. With roads come more place labels, now from OpenStreetMap and sized by population. Water bodies (black) are drawn using data from VPRO, as are park lands (black stipple pattern), airports, farm locations, pancake restaurants, neighborhood names, and zipcode shapes.

Technical bits:
We used open source software, some authored by Stamen, to draw the reference cartography and cache the data files. Web maps are made of small, 256 px by 256 px images, stacked next to each other in a grid and displayed in the browser as a slippy map, allowing the user to pan and zoom. The application logic in Flash allows us to speedily update the map (using the GPU) when the data filters are adjusted. Software utilized includes TileStache, Cascadenik, Dymo, ModestMaps, Mapnik,
QGIS, OGR, and GDAL. Much of the data provided by VPRO was generated in ArcGIS in-house and in partnership with XYZ. The place search is powered by the Yahoo! geocoder.

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One Response to “Nederland van Boven”

  1. Martin says:

    OSM is gebruikt voor de kaart, maar ook als netwerk om de reisafstanden te berekenen.