Creatief met een kaart

29 maart 2013 door Rob Aerts

Motorville by Patrick Jean from Iconoclast on Vimeo.

One Response to “Creatief met een kaart”

  1. Dick Stomp says:

    At FOSDEM2013 a nice person (from Leuven?) showed me OpenStreetMap. We changed something at Indisch Monument the Hague. On my OpenStreetMap NL I can’t find the changes. As contributor of Wiki Love Monuments I maintainĆ«-monument_(Den_Haag). In Brussels we changed the right location.
    Now I completed the information at Wiki with new photographs.
    In Google maps is nothing to find. In OSM is indeed “Indisch Monument” marked. But what I saw in Brussels, orientation and other details, are not in my maps.
    I understand, that there are layers to be switched on, but how to do that?
    Dick Stomp