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Dit was het nieuws (week 23)

donderdag, juni 17th, 2010

Een samenvatting van de discussies op de OSM mailing list van week 23… Wekelijks gepost door Ben Laenen op de talk-be ML.

OSM in WolframAlpha (@Talk)

WolframAlpha gebruikt nu ook OpenStreetMap als kaart informatie.

Calling all bulk importers (@Talk)

De licentie werkgroep roept alle bulk importeurs op om opnieuw te kijken naar de licentie.

Cable distribution cabinets (tagging@)

Originally about the tag for small cabinets that distribute electricity to

Evolved in a new discussion about the power=* tags that don’t mean in English
what their tags suggest: a power station is power=generator, a power
substation is power=station and then there’s power=substation

highway=motorway/motorroad implications (tagging@)

Question on what these tags should imply (e.g. oneway=yes, bicycle=no…)
Usual discussion that these tags mean different things in different countries.

Aerodrome classification (tagging@)

Currently all airports, airfields and heliports are just tagged with aeroway=aerodrome and we can an extra tag to discern between international airports and small airstrips. But what should be the basis for this classification? Some want to use numbers like the amount of air movements,
other want a more subjective approach. And then there’s the question of which
tag to use (aeroway=airstrip, aeroway=small, importance=3…)

Discussion also over here:

Tagging proposals (tagging@)

* Fitness trails